I will make manually 15 edu and 3 gov US Based seo backlinks

I will make manually 15 edu and 3 gov US Based seo backlinks
Promote any business or personal URL you will give us.

We have vast experience in Iink building, and we researched and found that manual creating is the best way for creating backIinks.

Manually - we do not leave any tracing/footprints what software leaves.

Sites do not detect any automatic/incorrect requests unlike software tools. This method is 100% safe. This way your links will stay for a long time.
Creating thousands of links just does not work now. To say more they will have negative effect, will hurt your site positions. There is no point now creating so much of low quality content.

On top of that, our customers are very thankful for our approach and they 5 star our services, because we get them rank better than anyone else.
All SEO backlinks will be created on US based EDU domains like University, High-School, etc. This domains have high pr, trust and high authority with search engines.
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