I will Show 17 Tricks To Get Instant Traffic Without SEO

I will Show 17 Tricks To Get Instant Traffic Without SEO
F*ck Google is my traffic generation blueprint sharing the methods I use to drive targeted traffic to my sites, blogs, squeeze and sales pages. I detail 17 different strategies to get a ton of traffic to my sites without the use of SEO.

Back in 2012 Google changed the game forever with their algorithm updates meaning that SEO was no longer a reliant source of traffic. Many people found their traffic was wiped out overnight and could not be recovered. The choice was either to find new strategies (which people should have been doing all along) or to let their sites die.

Whilst I had other traffic strategies in place and many sites that weren't affected by the updates a lot of my traffic did come from Google and I certainly wasn't going to let my sites die so where appropriate I worked on creating alternative traffic strategies that would account for up to 90% of my traffic.
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